SuiteActive offers Custom Store Locator functionality for those businesses who offer or deals their product at multiple locations. We offer a simple mechanism that enables your customers to find your store. Through our NetSuite connector, we explore your site compatibilities that helps your customers to find you at online marketplace.
With the increasing competition at online marketplace, it’s truly hard to grab potential buyers and sustain them. With the integration of our NetSuite connector, we help you by enabling the functionality of making your store visible at e-commerce marketplace.
In the lack of customer base, there is no sense of e-commerce business. SuiteActive implements the functionality of custom store locater in your e-commerce site to enable your targeted audience to find you or your store. Our NetSuite integration improves customer visibility on your e-commerce store that helps to improve your productivity as well as conversion rates.
Benefits Of Custom Store Locator

It’s much better that you allow your customers to find your store rather than driving a campaign to find your potential buyers. Our NetSuite integration enables the functionality of custom store locator that create possibilities and allow your customers to find you using the country or location-based inputs.

SuiteActive builds the capabilities that help your targeted customers to find your store with user-friendly functionality. When you provide an online environment to your customers to find your e-commerce store, it supports your business to generate more sales.

We improve your e-commerce sites’ visibility so as your potential customers can easily find you. With our NetSuite integration, we provide fast and convenient way to your customers to find products that you offer via your online store with very few clicks.

SuiteActive also fulfils your site with customized product view to the region-specific customer. Such functionality helps your customers to find what they are seeking for not those things that don’t match their search or specific region.

We help online sellers by increasing their product outreach to their potential buyers who perform search using Google search engine. This helps you to build the list of genuine buyers and ultimately you start getting more business output in terms of monetary benefits.

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Being associated with NetSuite, we integrate your webstore to work towards grabbing the huge number of buyers from worldwide locations. When you get your site integrated with our NetSuite plugin, we ensure your store visibility to your targeted customers.

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