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Popup notes are the applications that extend NetSuite for your industry and business needs. They run completely inside NetSuite and live in the same database as your data. NetSuite has a bundle that allows you to create and pin notes on the screen.
PopupNotes enables users to create and track notes on NetSuite record pages. They can be highlighted with traffic light coloring allowing prioritization on screen. These notes are faster to use and manage than toggling between tabs or writing general records. Users can manage all their notes attached to all records via the Sticky Notes Board. The board gives the user the ability to sort, filter, archive, delete and reply as well as search and change the view between list and grid.
Pop up notes lets employees create and track notes on record pages. It helps to communicate effectively with others by adding beneficiaries to guarantee that lone explicit individual approach your notes.
Advantages of using Popup Notes

You can create beautiful pop-ups that will meet your shop's unique design & identity. All you have to use drag-drop blocks, customize the size, fonts or colors. If you know everything about HTML, you can also fully custom HTML/CSS.

Pops enables you to set exactly where, when and how the pop-up will be displayed. Popups have the most advanced display targeting controls of any popup tool. You can easily track conversions for each campaign.

Popups provide beautiful plug-n-play templates for various uses, which are proven to convert and drive sales. All of the templates are fully customizable, match any brand guidelines and fit seamlessly with your website.

You need to be flexible with how you manage your inventory and how you can offer this to potential customers. NetSuite gives you the ability to temporarily deduct stock take to your pop up the event. They are also able to reallocate stock, automatically reorder low levels of stock with or without the temporarily deducted stock, sell stock from other locations. It also gives you real-time access so you can interact with customers with true accuracy.

With NetSuite’s endless aisle model you can entrust the staff with kiosks giving them the ability to pull up various things.

  • Customers' information
  • Process sales
  • Marketing information
  • Show products

Whether the power cuts out, there’s an internet outage or something happens to disrupt services, NetSuite is capable of working through these problematic issues. Thanks to advanced caching of data, NetSuite is capable of working offline for a temporary period and then processing orders, stock and payments once back online.

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