As per today’s scenario, no e-commerce seller can improve their site’s functionality in the absence of advanced system upgrades or integration. SuiteActive integrates your site with NetSuite connector that turns your critical business processes into hassle-free business processes.
Among all the sales order processing, shipping process is the main concern that affects your productivity as well as your customer experience if not performed or managed in well-manner. SuiteActive integrates your site and fulfils the functionality of shipping solution that helps to calculate the shipping price using automated process.
Obviously, when you perform manual processing to calculate shipping price, it will take more time, efforts, and increase possibilities of errors.
In a result, it can compel your customers to switch on your competitors' site. So, RateShop is a tool of NetSuite connector that enables your e-commerce site to perform automated shipping calculation.
Benefits of RateShop

With our integration of NetSuite plugin, SuiteActive updates and converts your site functionality from manual shipping calculation to automated shipping calculation. This update in your e-commerce site can improve your shipping and carrier operations and can handle the most critical part of your business.

You can have a fair idea about particular product shipping and carrier charges. When you provide fair price details to your customers according to starting point to destination point, you gain successes to have genuine customer base.

Through RateShop application, e-commerce sellers can track shipping & carrier charges in advance without performing any manual calculation. Our SuiteActive integration builds the capabilities in your system to calculate and send the actual shipping and carrier charges. This also helps their customers to know their shipping prices for particular product based on origin and destination.

The automated behaviour of NetSuite integration ensures error-free data. We enable your system to track and calculate all your shipping & carrier fairs with no more manual efforts. When a customer processes an order, our NetSuite integration in your system automatically calculates the shipping charges and demonstrate your customers at real time.

Obviously, manual efforts require more time to calculate the shipping price. We integrate your system with RateShop application that performs an automated operation to save your time what you can invest in other critical business applications.

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SuiteActive works toward making your shipping process faster, reliable, customer oriented, and hassle-free. We improve your shipping solutions by our NetSuite connector that update your e- commerce site to function in a more productive way.

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